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Holo Ambient Temperature Pro

0.99 usd

This is the unlock key for the pro features in Holo Ambient Temperature Pro! Holo Ambient Temperature is required to use this!Holo Ambient Temperature is an app that allows you to view the ambient temperature and humidity using your devices ambient temperature and humidity sensors.
This app only works on devices that have ambient temperature and humidity sensors like the Samsung Galaxy S4!
Current Features:* Display current ambient temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.* Display current ambient humidity.* Display dew point.* Display absolute humidity.* Display pressure.* Display altitude based on pressure.* Temperature graph to help visualize temperature change.* Widgets for home screen and lock screen!
Widget Details:* Simple 2x1 widget for displaying humidity or temperature.* Large 4x2 widget for displaying humidity or temperature.* Large lock screen widget.* Full customization of widgets.
Supported Devices:
* Samsung Galaxy S4